Ali Jawad Zaidi


A freedom fighter, an author, a poet, a critic, a research scholar and a bureaucrat


Tamar Patra: Awarded to Ali Jawad Zaidi for his role in the freedom Struggle of India, by Mrs Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India in 1972.

Padmashri: Awarded in 1988 by Shri Venkataraman, President of India for contribution to Urdu Literature.

Ghalib Award: in recognition of Expertise on Mirza Ghalib.

Anees Award: in recognition of Expertise on Mir Anis.

The Rotary Club, Lucknow: Certificate of Honour presented by The Rotary Club, Lucknow.

Awards presented for his various books by Governments and Literary Organizations are marked in the list of his Books "Biography".

    Important Publications:

History of Urdu Literature: One of the most comprehensive book on Urdu Literature.

Do Adabi School: An in-depth discussion on the two school of thoughts prevalent in Urdu.

Urdu mein Ram Katha: Unpublished research work.

Meri Ghazlein: A collection of Ghazals.

Naseem Daste Arzoo: A collection of poems.

Ahle Qabila: a collection of articles about other contemporaries.

The Prophet's Daughter: Unpublished work.

A list of all books are given in his "Biography".


10th March 1916 - 6th December, 2004


Ali Jawad Zaidi (born March 10, 1916) is a much feted Urdu poet, scholar and author of over 80 books in many languages. He was also a freedom fighter, lawyer & later bureaucrat, however he is primarily known as one of the most prominent figures in Urdu Literature.

Internationally renowned as a poet-scholar-critic of repute, an authority on Marsiyago of Uttar Pradesh, Mir Anis & Mirza Ghalib, and has written on as diverse subjects as poetry to plain prose, from research works to analytical works.

He has received many awards for his contributions to Literature and other diverse fields. He was married to Shahnaz (alias Safdari) Zaidi and they raised seven well educated & accomplished children.